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tssFileDragDrop is an ActiveX / COM control that can detect when a user has drag-dropped files over a form in your application. It detects all types of drag-drop items, including files, folders, and drives. Our component is incredibly easy to use. You just drop it on the form, and you are ready to begin receiving notifications. tssFileDragDrop will provide you with the following information, for every file that is drag-dropped: * The full file name * Short path names are alternatively available (8.3 format) * Indication as to if the item drag-dropped is a file or a folder * A count indicating how many files were drag-dropped at once * An index indicating how many of the files have already been processed tssFileDragDrop is a versatile component for many different uses, but is an absolute must-have if you are developing file-oriented applications, such as text editors, word processors, spreadsheet applications, reporting tools, etc. Give your users the functionality that they have come to expect from their software programs.

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